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The Project Dance Experience Director
Dance Competition Director


Mr. and Mrs. Kalief and Connie Robinson

 Kalief and Connie Robinson  have over 20 years in the dance industry.  After meeting at a Music Video Audition, their love story began. They opened Precision Dance Studios, a place to give students the tools they need to be not only a performer, but an artist and creator of their Art. 

With a family of 6, we know that family is important. The love of dance and the performing arts is embedded in our family. The love has been passed on from generation to generation and will be for the generations to come.

We founded The Project Dance Experience in 2022.  An all inclusive competition where there is something for everyone. With our Recreational and competitive division, it gives every type of dancer the ability to shine on stage. We are here to support and watch each and every student, studio, and family member grow. 

The Project- A Dance Experience will not only be the future of competition, But it will be a safe haven for dancers, and performers alike,

We cannot wait to meet you all. We are so excited to begin this journey!

-The Robinsons


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